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10 ways to get new blogging ideas


Blogging is a great way to express yourself, but it can also be overwhelming. You may have a lot of blogging ideas for posts, but knowing where to start and how long each one should be can be difficult.

That’s why I’m going to give you 10 ways that will help get new blogging ideas flowing!

10 ways to get blogging ideas

Look at your old posts to get new blogging ideas.

Review your old posts and try to find the posts that did well and the ones that didn't do so well.

If you’re writing about a topic, think about how it might be similar to or different from what you’ve already written about.

Search to find posts related to your blog post.

You can use the search function to find posts related to your topic. The search will bring up results from all over the web, so it’s a great way to get ideas for blog topics and keywords that are related but not directly related.

You can also use this to find topics that aren’t directly related at all—but which might be good for a post you’ve already written!

For example, If you wrote an article about how to make the perfect cup of coffee, and then someone asked what type of machine they should buy for their new house—you could write about those machines as well!

Check out your site stats.

Blog Stats
Blog Stats

When you’re looking for new blog topics, it’s helpful to check out your site stats. Site stats are a set of numbers that tell you about the health and popularity of your website.

They include:

  • Hits per day (How many people visit your site?)
  • Pages per visit (How many times do visitors view every page on the site?)
  • Bounce rate (The percentage of visitors who leave after viewing just one page?)

These numbers can help you determine what content is doing well, where visitors are getting lost, and which pages are most popular with readers.

For example: If someone visits once —a high bounce rate—then that means there’s something wrong with the design or layout of their experience with your site.

If they keep coming back multiple times without ever leaving again—also known as “stickiness,” this suggests that some aspect of what they saw previously is still appealing enough to keep them coming back again…and again.

Google something related to your topic.


If you’re looking for new blogging ideas, the best way to find them is by using Google.

The search engine allows users to type in specific keywords related to their topic and see what comes up.

  • Don’t be afraid of being creative with your search queries: You can use any word or phrase that relates directly or indirectly to what you’re writing about. For example, if I’m writing about food and don’t have anything specific in mind yet but want some inspiration on how to approach it, I might try something like “food blog tips.”
  • Don’t be afraid of trying out different keywords: It’s okay if one keyword doesn’t work out—but don’t give up too soon! Try another one until something sticks; if it doesn’t then keep trying until something does.

Read newspaper headlines to get blogging ideas.

Another best way to get new blogging ideas is by reading newspaper headlines.

If you’re subscribed to a newspaper check out what’s going on in your area and see if there are any stories that relate directly to your business.

If you don’t want to waste time looking for relevant articles online, try reading newspapers instead—you might find something interesting right away!

It’s important not just to read the news but also relevant articles because some people find it difficult or even impossible not to be influenced by what they read.

So keep this in mind when reading other people’s work: do not simply skim through it without actually thinking about its content first.

Instead, spend some time considering whether or not each point made makes sense within your context before moving on to another piece of writing.

Think about what to blog about as you’re going about your day.

think about what to blog

When you’re going about your day, try to think about what you could blog about. You may have a topic in mind, or maybe not.

Either way, it’s important to be open to new ideas!

Here are some ways you can use this time of day as inspiration for blog post ideas:

  • While getting ready for work in the morning, ask yourself “What are some topics I could write about today?”
  • Think of something that happened while driving to work yesterday afternoon. Like traffic congestion and then write a post about how that experience relates back to larger issues in society.

Use the RSS feed to get blog post ideas from different sites at once.

You can use a website like or an RSS feed to get blog post ideas from different sites at once.

RSS feeds are a way of receiving updates from a website. Alltop is an aggregator that collects all the most popular blogs on the web into one place for easy access.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out what the top trending posts were on Facebook then this tool is for you!

Answer a question that pops into your mind during the day.

Suppose you are walking down the street, minding your own business when suddenly something pops into your head and you have to write it down.

Perhaps a question about “Why do things happen in life?” or “The universe is conspiring for you.”

Maybe a question about how to get past writer’s block or why certain people are always trying to steal our lunch money.

Whatever it is that comes flooding into your brain at this moment, write it down!

If there’s something specific in particular that catches your attention, a phrase or sentence. Add and write it down so that this idea can be referenced later on.

For example: ” Why do you dream at night?

Ask your readers about it.

Ask readers
  1. Ask your readers what they would like to read about on Facebook or Twitter. They will be flattered that you care, and it’s a great way to connect with your readers—plus you’ll get some great new blogging ideas!
  2. Get feedback from people who have been through the same struggles as you are facing right now. This can help you figure out how to handle certain situations better in the future. Or even just understand why someone else reacted the way they did when faced with similar situations in the past.
  3. Use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook not just as an opportunity for marketing. But also as a platform where people feel comfortable sharing their stories and thoughts about life’s experiences.
  4. Listen closely, users may share valuable insights into what makes them happy/sad/happy again. These responses could lead directly back into blog material if handled appropriately.
  5. Look beyond simply posting content online. Think carefully about what topics need to be covered based on current trends.

There are several ways to get new blogging ideas, but it’s up to you to put them into action!

new blogging ideas

You have to take the initiative to get the ideas you need. Don’t expect ideas to come to you. You need to work on your ideas.

You have to be proactive, and make things happen!


What content you can include in your blog post?

  • How-to Guides
  • Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • Tools & Apps
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Facts & Stats
  • Interviews

Why is RSS feed a good source for blogging ideas?

RSS feed gets you blogging trending blog posts from different sites at once. Which can help you with better blogging ideas.

Is asking your readers about blogging topics a good idea?

Your reader’s feedback is important to know like what is their favorite blog posts, and opinions. How they feel and think etc. This allows you to write better blog posts by meeting and exceeding expectations.

How your site stats can help you with blogging ideas?

When you carefully analyze your site posts then you can understand what kind of blog posts get traffic and conversions. You can then get ideas of how to add more blog posts that help you get more traffic related to those blog posts.


Hopefully, this list has given you new blogging ideas. Blogging can be a fun way to express yourself. Share your opinions and thoughts with other people, and make a difference in the world. Take all of these suggestions into account when creating your next post!

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