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Best affiliate programs that help you easily make money


Affiliate programs are great way to earn money online. In fact affiliate programs makes the one of the largest advertising platform through which content creators can earn money. If you have a blog or website affiliate programs are ideal for earning money. You need to target the correct affiliate program as per your need so I have brought a large list of affiliate programs to choose in this blog post.


As an Amazon Associate, you can earn up to 10% in advertising fees.

Amazon offers a variety of ways to advertise its products.

The most common way is through banner and text ads that you insert into the content of your website or blog. You can also promote products using product links and native shopping ads.

Amazon provides a variety of tools for affiliates to use including reports, ad builder, link generator, and keyword tool.

Amazon Associate program also have an affiliate forum where you can ask questions and share tips with other affiliates.

To be successful, focus on promote products that are relevant to your site to increase conversions.

For example, if you have a website about health and wellness, then promote health-related products that will appeal to your audience such as vitamins or fitness equipment with high-profit margins (think $100+).

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the biggest affiliate networks. Commission Junction is part of the ValueClick group and has a good reputation for paying its affiliates on time.

It’s free to join Commission Junction and they have a good selection of advertisers available with some well-known brands.

It’s quite easy to get started with Commission Junction, it doesn’t matter if you are new to affiliate marketing or have been doing this for years.

You can easily find your way around the site even if you are not familiar with how affiliate programs work.


With ClickBank, you have access to thousands of digital products which you can promote and earn a commission on. There is also lots of training available to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

However, ClickBank doesn’t pay as much per sale as other networks. Also, the products that they offer don’t always have the highest quality


MaxBounty is known for its high payouts, with no advertiser net revenue share up to $500.

Plus, they offer a variety of verticals including health, beauty, dating, finance, and gaming.

This makes it easier for you to find the right products and services that fit your audience.

With low payout threshold ($100), MaxBounty is best for experienced affiliates.

eBay Partner Network

As you might expect, the eBay Partner Network is an affiliate network that pays you for promoting products from eBay.

This program is a great choice for beginners because it requires no website or blog to begin earning affiliate commissions.

Provided that your promotional efforts are successful, you can earn a commission every time someone who clicked on your link ends up buying something on eBay.

A big reason why so many people choose the EPN is because of how easy it is to use. If you’ve ever used eBay before, then you should be able to get started with this program without any trouble at all.

With millions of people using this site every day and a secure payment system in place, there’s plenty of opportunities here for anyone who knows how to market products online


Avangate is a highly recommended option for affiliate marketing beginners. Its affiliate program helps you promote software and subscription-based products, which have the highest commissions.

It boasts better conversion rates than most affiliate programs due to its generous cookie duration and full-screen checkout page.

The customer support is excellent and there is reliability in payments.


Shareasale is one of the most popular affiliate networks. The platform has been around for years and offers affiliates a wide variety of products to promote across multiple categories in their marketplace.

As an affiliate, you will have access to over 4,000 merchants on their platform. If a merchant hasn’t partnered with Shareasale yet, they can apply to be on the affiliate network using your personal link .

The best part about the platform is the 20% commission you earn on all referrals. Yes, you heard that right!

Even if someone doesn’t make a purchase right away through your referral link, as long as they do eventually buy something from that merchant within 6 months from clicking it in your blog post or site, then you will receive the commission for it!

Flexoffers is one of the oldest affiliate networks. It offers more than 12,000+ affiliate programs, and they offer more than 5,000 publishers in 191 countries.

This makes Flexoffers a great choice for established websites that have the traffic coming from all over the world.

FlexOffers also has some of the highest paying offers available anywhere on the internet making it a great option if you’re looking for high-paying affiliate programs.


Cuelinks is a content monetization platform that helps publishers earn money from their content. If you have a blog or website in India, Cuelinks should be your go-to affiliate marketing network.

Cuelinks automatically generates affiliate links for the products and services mentioned on your website.

For example, when you mention Flipkart, Amazon or any other eCommerce store on your website, Cuelinks converts that link into an affiliate link.

Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare is a large affiliate network, very popular with publishers. It has a great reputation and is known for paying on time. Publishers can join for free and the company does not have any restrictions regarding traffic levels, type of websites, or content.

There is a great selection of merchants to choose from but Rakuten Linkshare’s strength is more focused on physical products than digital ones, although it still offers plenty of options in this category as well.

The company has an international presence and its English website also supports other languages like French, Spanish or German.


AvantLink was created for any affiliate marketer looking to find more high-paying affiliate programs.

Anyone can sign up, but you’ll want to be a little familiar with marketing if you want to use AvantLink’s tools. This isn’t the tool for someone just learning about affiliate marketing.


JVZoo is another affiliate network that’s mostly focused on digital products, though it also sells physical goods.

It’s similar to Clickbank in that regard, though it has a smaller selection of products. JVZoo is best known for promoting “make money online” and business/marketing software but you can find products from all kinds of niches here.

The way JVZoo works is pretty simple. You join the platform and choose a product to promote. This can be either an affiliate program or an affiliate network. Then you set up your links and start promoting!


The impact is a global affiliate network that supports all types of affiliates, from influencers to bloggers and anyone in between. They also have a global reach, meaning you can find merchants across the world through their network.

Since this is one of the bigger networks on this list, you can expect to find a large number of merchants on it.


Digistore24 is a German affiliate network, that offers great opportunities to earn commissions in the field of tech, software, and information products.

Why we recommend them:

  • They manage the entire sales process for you (hosting + payment + upsells).
  • You can offer high-quality products for various popular niches (e.g. self-help and personal development, marketing, entrepreneurship & finance).
  • They have a high payout rate of 95% on all product sales, even if there are upsells included.
  • You get paid twice a month via PayPal or Bank transfer. is an online travel company that offers bookings at over 350,000 properties and lets you earn a commission on every booking made through your site.

The more visitors you send to each day, the higher commission they will pay you.

They offer a 90-day cookie period, a minimum payout of $50, and one of the highest commissions in the industry—5%!

The average order value is $200, and receives over 100 million visitors per month, so if you have a large following or a lot of traffic on your blog—this affiliate program is perfect for you!


Travel company that allows you to book flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and activities. Users can also bundle these services and save money.

Commission offered: Depends on the type of sale (hotel booking vs flight booking)

New affiliates earn 0-$2 per lead/sale

Existing affiliates earn $5+ per lead/sale

How to apply: fill out an application form with details such as name, website URL, and audience information


Airbnb, the wildly popular service that allows people to rent a home or apartment for a few nights, is also an affiliate program through which people can make money by referring guests to it.

And also earning a commission for every booking made through their referral link or equivalent elsewhere on the internet.

When someone signs up using your referral link, you can receive $200 in credit from Airbnb and earn a 7% commission on all of the bookings that they make with Airbnb during the time they use your link (up to $1500).

Also, if you sign up through my website, I’ll personally teach you how to create an awesome referral program of your own so that you can also earn commissions whenever someone signs up and uses one of your links! is a website where people can find accommodations for travel and buy tickets to concerts and events, as well as activities and excursions. is a subsidiary of The Priceline Group, Inc. It accounts for about 42% of its revenue, with over $15 billion in revenue in 2019 alone.

There are over 28 million listings on the site, with more than 543,000 room nights booked each day across 226 countries and territories.

In other words: if you’re looking for somewhere to stay while traveling anywhere in the world, chances are will have an option available that fits your budget and preferences!

Agoda is an online travel booking platform and is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. Agoda’s website and apps are available in 39 languages.

The company has a network of over 2.5 Million vacation rentals and hotels worldwide.

Agoda is headquartered in Singapore with more than 50 offices in major cities across over 30 countries and over 4000 staff worldwide.

Hotwire is an online travel site that provides discounted rates on airline tickets and hotels. Hotwire was founded in 2000 and is based in San Francisco.

Hotwire’s parent company is Expedia, a global leader in the travel industry.

The main difference between Hotwire and Expedia is that on Hotwire travelers can only book hotel rooms and flights, whereas on Expedia travelers can also find car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and activity reservations.

This approach allows travelers to save time while they’re planning vacations as well as money. is a travel website with an affiliate program that pays its affiliates 15% commission on all successful sales.

This company has been in business since 1994, making it one of the most experienced online travel agencies in existence.

They offer services for both leisure and business travelers, as well as group bookings for a variety of occasions such as family vacations or religious pilgrimages.

Other benefits of partnering with OneTravel include a low price guarantee and year-round support from their customer service team.

  • Commission: 5% commission on sales
  • Cookie: 30-day cookie
  • Bonuses for top affiliates
  • Datafeeds are available with over 1 million products!
  • Multiple banners, text links, and widgets with live data feed updates!
  • Deep linking to any item on our website.
  • Dedicated team to help you maximize your revenue!


Target is a retailing company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1902 and incorporated in 1910, the company is one of the top 10 largest discount retailers in the United States.

Target was founded by George Dayton, his son Nelson came up with the name “as a marksman’s goal” to suggest that their store was aimed at providing products at a target low price for consumers.

Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble affiliate program is the king of all affiliate programs. Barnes & Noble is a massive online retailer that sells books, magazines, music, and more.

The company was founded in 1886 by William Barnes and G. Clifford Noble, hence the name “Barnes & Noble”.

Barnes & Noble pays out a 5% commission rate to its affiliates. This means for every 1 cent made from your referral traffic, you get paid 5 cents! This commission may seem small at first glance but don’t be mistaken.

It adds up quickly into what can amount to some serious cash! Plus, because Barnes & Noble is an enormous and established brand with tons of product offerings.

In addition to earning money from your referrals’ purchases, if you join their program as a publisher they’ll give you a share of all sales made on their website as well. They have one of the best commission structures ever for affiliates!


It’s easy to see why iStockPhoto is one of the best options out there for affiliates.

It’s a great platform for beginners, and even experienced photographers can find a few gems here. The app catalog is huge, with tons of photos that range from free to premium and everything in between.

All images are royalty-free, which means you’re free to use them anywhere you want which is also a nice benefit.

UPC Item Database

This is a product/service that people need to look up a UPC code for almost every item.

There are two types of affiliate programs:

  • Pay per click: You earn money whenever a user clicks on one of your links to the UPC Item Database website.
  • Pay per sale: You earn money whenever you refer someone who makes a purchase from our site.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of design elements. Its affiliate program offers its affiliates a nice mix of available items and high commission rates.

Each item can be sold on a subscription basis or on an unlimited per order basis, in which case the buyer can access as much as they want without paying again after the original purchase has been made.

The average order value is about $50, and commissions average 30%. You can also earn 30% by selling items under your own brand or logo.


DPD, or Digital Product Delivery, is an online digital delivery service that specializes in the provision of products to customers.

The company boasts a top-tier affiliate marketing program that offers up to $15 per referral and has a 30-day cookie.

It also has a dedicated affiliate team offering support, advice, and best practices as well as a quarterly newsletter with tips from expert affiliates.


StrongVPN is a network security and privacy protection services company. The service is useful for users that travel because it allows them to access content blocked by foreign governments.

The affiliate program is run through JVZoo, and new affiliates are paid out on the first day of every month, assuming they have met the minimum $100 payout threshold.


The Anime Planet affiliate program is a great opportunity for anime and manga enthusiasts to earn money from their passion.

This program is free to join and it’s very easy to sign up.

It’s not your typical affiliate program, because there are no products or services to promote. Instead, you just make money by promoting your affiliate link. You can share your link on social media, forums, and blogs.

With this affiliate program, there are no monthly quotas or minimum earnings thresholds so it’s possible to earn some nice extra income!


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers over 130,000 courses to people interested in expanding their professional skills.

Udemy takes great pride in connecting learners with industry leaders, and it excels at creating an environment where professionals can learn from the comfort of their own homes or office.

You can choose from a variety of topics, including business and entrepreneurship, languages, health and fitness, and photography.

Berkshire Blanket

Berkshire Blanket is a brand of blankets and throws whose affiliate program comes with a 10% commission, 90-day cookie, and a $20 minimum payment threshold.

Their conversion rate is 2%, which means you get paid for every 25 sales you make.

Nuby USA

Nuby USA is a family-owned company that provides “the highest quality baby care products” to over 110 countries around the world.

They have a wide range of high-quality baby products ranging from teethers, sippy cups, breast pumps, and more. Nuby offers free shipping and free returns on all orders in the US, as well as their “Nuby Guarantee”.

The affiliate program at Nuby is great! They use ShareASale for their affiliate tracking and management, so joining up is easy!

These are some great hosting companies to work with


Namecheap is an excellent domain registrar that has a reputation for being a fair and reliable company to work with.

Not only do they have a great product, but their affiliate program offers commissions of up to $350 per sale! That is huge!

It’s also simple to sign up and offers the option of getting paid through PayPal, so it’s one of the easiest ways to make money as an affiliate marketer.


Hostgator is another popular web hosting company that has been around for years (since 2002!).

They have great products, and good customer service and offer an industry-standard compensation rate of 100% on your first month of referred sales or 35% recurring commission on all other sales.


Affiliate programs are one of the best way to earn money from your blogs. Choosing a great affiliate program that compliments your content will get you earn a good commission and is a great way to earn money.

I hope you like the blog post!

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