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How to get traffic to your blog to earn $1000 per month


If you’re like me, you’ve probably been dreaming about turning your blog into a full-time business. You might have even started looking for ways to monetize your passion and turn it into cash. But if this is something new for you, don’t worry! I’ve been there too—and now I’m here to help! 


Traffic is the lifeblood of a blog. If you don’t have any traffic, then your blog isn’t going to make any money. In fact, even if you do have traffic but are only earning $100 per month on your site. You need at least 20,000 views per month to 100,000 views per month to earn $1000 dollars.

So how can you increase your earnings?

The answer is simple: build more traffic!

Here are some tips on how to make $1000 per month from your blog:

Find a profitable niche.

Finding a profitable niche is one of the most important steps to making money from your blog. The reason for this is that it’s impossible to make money with blogs if you don’t have a profitable niche.

You want to find something that you are passionate about, but also something that isn’t too broad or too narrow. You also want to make sure there is enough money in the market so there’s room for growth as well as competition from other bloggers who may be doing similar things on their own blogs in your industry niche area.

Research keywords and write effective blog posts.

Keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for products. They’re also called search terms, queries, or just plain old keywords.

keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial part of being successful with your blog because it’s how you’ll rank better in Google search results by creating content around topics that people are searching for on Google. This can mean anything from writing about how to make money as a blogger to teaching others how they can do the same thing!

To get started with keyword research, it’s important that you have an idea of what type of content you want to create so you know where exactly your focus should lie when writing blog posts or crafting other types of content such as emails and social media posts, etc.

Write guest posts.

Writing guest posts is one of the easiest ways to earn money from your blog. Most blogs have a section where they accept guest posts from other writers, and you can use those links in your article to drive traffic to your own site. You might also be able to get some exposure for yourself or build relationships with influencers that will help you later on down the road when it’s time for them to recommend your services or products.

If you write well enough and do good research on what people want then this can be an extremely lucrative source of income!

Promote your blog on social media channels.

Social media

Social media is a great way to grow your blog, but it’s also important to understand how social media works. You need to be aware of the right hashtags and images for each platform so that you can optimize them for maximum exposure.

Social media analytics will help you measure how effective your promotion efforts are, which in turn will help you improve over time. The more followers or likes on a post, the better!

Start a YouTube channel around your niche topic.

YouTube is a great platform to build an audience, authority, and trust. If you’re trying to make money from your blog, it’s also a great way to build brand awareness, sales, and revenue. You can create videos on any topic related or unrelated to what you write about! 

Any topic that has a lot of people talking about it will be easy for you to find traction with if they’re already interested in what YOU have to say on the subject matter – which means more viewers than those who don’t care enough about it yet but might if they knew more about YOUR passion project.

Build an email list for your blog.

email list

You can make money by selling your email list to other websites or businesses.

If you want to build an email list, there are two main ways: You can ask people who visit your blog to sign up for it; or, if you have a lot of readers who follow through with their emails and stay subscribed for more than one month, then you can offer them some kind of special deal when they join the list. 

Either way, if someone wants something from you that costs money—like access to exclusive content—then he’ll probably pay for it even if he doesn’t know exactly what he’ll get from being on the list.

Use email marketing to make more money from your blog.

Email marketing is a great way to reach a large audience, and it’s also one of the most effective ways to make money. You can use email marketing to promote your blog posts, e-book, or online course, all from the comfort of your own home!

Here are some examples of how you could use email marketing:

  • Send an automated email newsletter every week or two with new content on topics related in depth to what your readers want and need. Make sure that these emails contain valuable information because if they don’t then no one will want them!
  • Put together an ebook/course bundle for sale at $10/month including all future updates related solely to this topic. You can offer this bundle at any price point as long as there isn’t too much competition out there offering similar services within their own niche marketplaces such as Amazon Seller Central where anyone can sell anything under its umbrella without having any prior experience running their own business before starting up something like this type of operation.”

Create an online course related to your niche.

Online course
  • Create a course that people want to buy
  • Create a course that will help people
  • Create a course that you can sell for profit

If you want to make money from your blog, then the first thing you need to do is create a course. There are many ways you can do this and most of them involve using platforms like Teachable or Udemy. These platforms provide an easy way for someone who wants to sell their own product but doesn’t have any experience in doing so yet because they’re both very simple programs that don’t require much technical knowledge on behalf of the user before they start selling content online.

You can sell it on your own website, or on other platforms like Udemy. You may also decide that it would be beneficial for you in the long run if someone else publishes something similar with less overhead costs than what you’d need if they were working directly with you.

An important thing here is not only making sure that the content is relevant and useful but also that there are enough testimonials who will vouch for its value before actually selling anything!

Use Pinterest to promote your blog.

Pinterest is a social media platform for sharing images and videos. It has over 300 million users, making it the second-most popular social network in the United States.

Pinterest is a great platform for promoting your blog posts because:

  • You can share images from your articles on Pinterest without losing any of the text in them
  • Users tend to pin things they find interesting, which means they’re more likely to visit other sites that may be relevant to what they already follow on Pinterest

Use Snapchat to promote your blog.

Snapchat is a great way to promote your blog. It’s a visual platform, so think of it as the Instagram of Snapchat. You can use it to build a community around your brand, engage with them and drive traffic back to your site.

Snapchat is also great because it’s free! That means you don’t have to pay anything in order to start using this tool for promoting your blog or business.

Create a Facebook Group.

You can use a free Facebook group template to create your own, or you can use one of the many paid templates available. I recommend going with the free option because they’re usually easier to set up and customize than their paid counterparts.

When you are setting up your group, be sure to add a signup form on your website so that people can join right away! This will help increase membership in your Facebook group by encouraging them to share it with their friends.

Create a new goal in mind.

Goal setting

One of the best ways to keep track of your progress is by writing down your goals. Make sure that you’re clear on what they are, and make them visible where you can see them every day.

If this sounds like too much work, there’s an easier way: break down each goal into smaller steps and reward yourself for each one!

Upsell your products and services.

Upselling your products and services is a great way to make more money.

You can upsell in person, or online.

Examples of upselling in a blog:

  • Free trial offer with the purchase of any item from their website.
  • A free ebook if you buy the product(s) at full price.

Promote your content on Quora.

Use Quora

If you are looking to promote your content on Quora, it is important that you understand what they have to offer. Quora is a question-and-answer website where people can ask questions and answer them. You can also share your blog posts on this platform by adding links in the description of the post. This will make sure that people who read the post will be able to find out more about it and possibly click through to your site if they want more information on it.

Sell banner ads on your blog.

  • Sell banner ads on your blog.
  • You can get paid to write reviews, or you can sell banner ads to advertisers. Either way, it’s a great way to make money from your blog.


We hope that these ideas have helped you come up with your own goals for earning traffic. If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend finding a niche and building content around it! This will help you build an audience for all of your future products and services. The more people who see what you’ve created, the better chance they’ll want to buy something from you once they find out how much money can be made by selling it through other means besides just advertising on social media channels like Facebook ads or Google Adsense.

I hope that you found our tips helpful and are now on your way to starting a blog and making money from it.

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